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Nature's Frequency Solo Exhibition


Gasworks Gallery


29.11.2022 - 21.01.2023

My first solo show ‘Nature's Frequency’, with Gasworks Gallery in Albert Park, Melbourne.

A collection of landscape paintings inspired by the energy and aliveness of the natural environment.

From the catalogue:

Olga Dziemidowicz is a Polish-born artist currently working from her studio in St Kilda.

Inspired by nature, she embraces chance in the creative process. Dziemidowicz works expressively and intuitively to capture the creative, healing, and universal value of nature.

In her first solo exhibition, Olga invites us to look deeper by presenting the natural landscape through expressive application of bold colours and mark-making.

“I value freedom, joy, and authenticity. I believe we need to listen to ourselves more, listen to our calling. Painting the landscapes that inspire me is my way of expressing my calling, sharing it with the world, and by doing that perhaps inspiring others to do the same. 

Working as an architect helped me understand line, form, and perspective. Working as a designer helped me empathise with other people. But being an artist/painter helps me connect with something bigger and makes my soul happy. 

When I'm creating, I feel I'm where I belong and I'm excited about what's to come!"

The show was open 29 November 2022 till 21 January 2023

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