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Commission for REVOLT at ClimARTe Gallery


March 2023


Live drawing in Melbourne CBD
Exhibition at ClimARTE Gallery

Exhibition website

Artist Statement:

As a climate war artist at the frontlines of the Climate Guardians procession in Melbourne on 24 February 2023, I captured the event live in dynamic A3 sketches. Walking with the Guardians as they played the Federation Handbells through the CBD, we passed by the headquarters of major climate polluters, the sounds of the bells strongest near these companies.

The sketches aim to convey the tension and urgency of the event and the climate crisis, presented on a neutral background to highlight the contrast between darkness and light of the Guardians and their sounds. Two large works on reclaimed cardboard offer a larger-scale representation of the procession, featuring graphite, charcoal, and pastel layers that create a complex and layered view of the city. The architecturally dynamic 3-point perspective speaks to the tense times we live in.

By using reclaimed materials, the aim is to address the climate crisis and bear witness to what is happening. The work engages with pressing social and environmental issues, aiming to inspire awareness, action, and positive change in a world that is both energetic and complex.

List of works:

Sounding the alarm #2
137x207cm aprox

Sounding the alarm #1
132x202cm aprox

Live sketches from the Climate Guardians March on 24.02.2023
29.8X42cm each

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